Man caught [email protected] at the back seat of a Kombi

With the passing of each day, there is something unusual that always captures the attention of many people.

In a circulating video on Twitter, a man was spotted sitting in a commuter omnibus where there were many other people. He was having for himself a great time with his own hands.

This is labeled as public indecency and it is not expected in public circles. It is a common norm that men should be able to manage their hunger and thirst.

It is also advisable for people to respect public spaces that they share with others. No matter what they may feel or be inclined to do, respect for others comes first. Click here to watch the video

In other news – Woman feels let down after being raped by stepfather

A woman feels let down by the justice system and even her own family. This comes after she was allegedly rɑped by her stepdad in February last year.

The 27-year-old from Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni said on the day of the rɑpǝ, her stepdad came home drunk and went straight to her room and allegedly rɑpǝd her.Learn More

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