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Self-styled spiritual healer r@pes married woman

A 19-year-old self-styled spiritual healer from Dzivaresekwa is on the run after he allegedly raped a 24-year-old married woman at a shrine in Kuwadzana 7 on November 3 last year.

The suspect, Carlos Mandizvidza, is alleged to have claimed that he had the power to stop the death of the woman’s child.

He allegedly instructed his victim to smear vaseline on her private parts before raping her.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Harare Province, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the case to H-Metro. He said:

Police are investigating a rape case involving a Dzivaresekwa spiritual healer. In November, the complainant received information via a WhatsApp group that there was a prophet in Kuwadzana 7 who helps people with spiritual problems.

She then communicated with the accused person and narrated her spiritual problems. The accused person confirmed that he could assist and referred her to his shrine at Kuwadzana New Stands in Harare.

On November 3, the complainant went to the shrine where she was instructed to rub vaseline on and inside her private parts. This was done while the accused person closed his eyes.

After about 29 minutes of rubbing, the accused person opened his eyes and told his victim that the spirit had instructed him to do the rubbing and raped her.

She was threatened that her child would die if she disclosed the act to anyone. The complainant claims to have disclosed the act to a relative on January 23. The accused person is on the run.

Carlos denied that he raped the woman saying she lured him into having sex with her and wanted him to marry her. He said:

I am aware that I had sexual intercourse with the woman. She is the one who lured me into having sex with her and wanted me to marry her.

I learned about her marital status after her husband phoned me over my messages he found on her mobile phone. I am on my way to Botswana as we speak.

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