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Ambassador Uebert Angel Stripped Of Diplomatic Passport

UK based preacher Uebert Angel has reportedly been stripped off his diplomatic status. Uebert Angel was appointed by President Mnangagwa to be Zimbabwe ambassador-at-large to Europe and the Americas.

In a video maling rounds on social media. former presidential advisor, Eddie Cross has announced that controversial prophet Uebert Angel has been stripped of his Diplomatic Passport and title; Cross also claims gold smuggler Ewan MacMillan has fled the country with his family, following Al Jazeera gold mafia documentary.

“The so called Pastor, the guy who claims to be a Christian pastor has been stripped off his diplomatic passport, in-fact he had his passport removed from him and the President has stripped him of all status, he might in-fact face jail traders.

The white gold trader has fled the country with his family.”

in other news – Gold Mafia: Simon Rudland demands public apology from Al Jazeera

Zimbabwean businessman, Simon Rudland, has demanded a public apology from Al Jazeera Investigations after he was named as part of the “gold mafia” and the biggest funder of smuggling activities in Zimbabwe in a documentary that premiered recently.

During an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera journalists, self-confessed gold smuggler Ewan Macmillan alleged that Rudland was the major financier of the gold smuggling in Zimbabwe and was owed about US$200 million by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).Learn More

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