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Armed robbers pounce on couple, get away with US$18K cash

Robbers pounced on a couple from Konje Village, Rushinga, and got away with US$18K cash.  The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says the robbers raided the couple on Thursday early in the morning and attacked them before getting away with US$18K cash. Reads the police report:

Police in Rushinga are investigating a case of robbery which occurred on 23/03/23 at around 0030 hrs at Konje Village.

Four unknown suspects who were armed with an unidentified pistol, axe, and iron bar, attacked a transport operator and his wife before stealing US$18 091 cash, Toyota Probox vehicle, registration number AEO 3090 and two cellphones.

Police called upon members of the public who may have information on the robbery to approach any nearest Police Station.

Armed robberies have been a concern in Zimbabwe, as they have occurred in various parts of the country over the years. These incidents involve criminals using weapons, such as guns or knives, to steal money or other valuable items from their victims.

It is generally not recommended to keep large sums of money at home in Zimbabwe.

Storing cash at home can make you vulnerable to theft or burglary, and it may not be covered by insurance in case of a loss.

It is always safer to deposit money in a bank account, where it can be insured and protected. Additionally, banks in Zimbabwe offer a range of services such as interest on savings, online banking, and access to credit facilities, which can help you to grow your money or meet your financial needs.

If you must keep a significant amount of cash at home, it is recommended that you use a secure safe or lockbox to store the money. However, it is important to note that even the best security measures may not be foolproof, and it is always better to minimize the amount of cash you keep at home.

Source: Pindula News

In other news – Harare city parking reviews clamping charges

Motorists will now pay $57 dollar for parking offenses down from $132. Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume said if a vehicle is clamped, motorists are now expected to pay US$57 within 3 hours no matter the offense.

If a motorist is late by 30 minutes, they pay the parking fee arrear but after 30 minutes the motorist will be issued with a penalty ticket of $57. The clamping and towing fine of $65 will be charged to motorists who fail to pay the $57 penalty fee within three hours,” said Mayor Mafume.Learn More

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