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Armed robbers allegedly pounce on Bellevue Abattoir

Armed robbers allegedly pounced on Bellevue Abattoir close to Kwekwe Central Business District (CBD) on Wednesday night and got away with US$ 11 000 cash.

Eight men armed with pistols, iron bars and machetes arrived at the abattoir and threatened the security guard with death before their forced entry.
Midlands Police Spokesperson lnspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident.

He said,” The robbers demanded cash while threatening the workers and security guards, workers surrendered US$3 get 511 cash and they proceeded to blast and open a safe which was in the storeroom and took US$813 before vanishing and they left workers tied with cables”.

He urged people to deposit money in bank accounts where it can be insured and protected.

Source: bulawayo24

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