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Kikky Badass is in serious trouble

Kikky Badass, the Zimbabwean rapper and video vixen, has landed herself in legal trouble and is facing a lawsuit after making a controversial post on Instagram. In the Instagram post, Kikky Badass accused lawyer Rodney Saratoga Makausi of soliciting se_xual favours from her. The fiery rapper alleged that she rejected Makausi’s advances after he approached her.

According to H-Metro, a popular lifestyle tabloid, Makausi is now seeking legal recourse through his lawyers, Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers. The law firm has issued a letter of demand that demands an apology, retraction, and the removal of the post from Kikky’s Instagram account within four days of receiving the letter. The lawyers claim that the post was widely circulated on WhatsApp.

Kikky Badass

Kikky’s post implies that Makausi had sent her text messages soliciting sexual favours. The post alludes to text messages allegedly sent by Makausi via WhatsApp, using a South African phone number, which Kikky claims carried Makausi’s picture. The law firm, however, denies these allegations and claims that they are false and defamatory. They state that the post has caused harm to Makausi’s reputation and career.

Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers has threatened legal action against Kikky if she fails to retract the allegations and issue an apology. The law firm has demanded that the offending post be removed from Kikky’s Instagram page and any other platform on which it has been posted.

Kikky Badass

“We are instructed to demand, as we hereby do, that you immediately and unconditionally remove the offending post from your Instagram page and from any other platform on which it has been posted,” the letter reads. Kikky Badass has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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