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“Mnangagwa will be President until he dies” – Uebert Angel

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be president until he dies, Ambassador-at-large Uebert Madzanire, alias Uebert Angel has claimed. However, constitutionally if Mnangagwa wins the forthcoming elections, this should be his last term.

Ambassador-at-large Uebert Angel was appointed by Mnangagwa in 2021 to represent him in Europe and the Americas, made the allegation in a documentary aired yesterday by Qatar-based international news channel, Al Jazeera.

The country’s elite is implicated in the documentary’s revelations of money laundering, corruption, and gold smuggling; Angel even offers to help by using his diplomatic cover to help launder up to US$1 billion.

“OK, let me just say don’t worry, he will be President, this President will be President until he dies, that’s all. I have said a lot,” Angel said in the documentary titled The Laundry Service which was released yesterday.

“We are the government, I can call the President now, not tomorrow, now and put him on speaker,” he said confidently.

“It’s not an issue. The President is trying to create a legacy right now, so it’s the right time to strike now. If you look on paper on that position, I am number two and there is no position like that,” said Angel.

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