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l was not arrested but called by the police; said Shingi Munyeza

Prominent local businessman Shingi Munyeza says he has not been arrested as suggested by reports but was invited to the police over a civil matter. After that, he went back home.

“I’m at home right now; it was a civil matter. I went to the police and came back home.”
“It’s a civil matter; someone is trying to use the police as a debt collector,” Munyeza said.

Reports had claimed Munyeza was arrested for fraud involving $85 000 which he had borrowed while promising to pay back as US$100 000 January monthend.

Munyeza says it’s a civil matter.

Source: bulawayo24

Harare woman at the civil court accusing her husband

A HARARE woman, Elizabeth Chemhere on Tuesday wept bitterly at the civil court as she accused her husband, Machinda Jumo of assaulting her on several occasions and threatening to rape her. Chemhere told the court that Jumo often injures her by forcefully poking fingers into her eyes, and twisting her arms whenever they have disagreements, usually related to s.e.x.


“He then tells me that he wants to rape me and I do not know what to do. All I wish from him is to be understood and loved, but whenever we have a disagreement he assaults and insults me,” she said as she wept. Learn more

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