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Kay Sibiya responds to rape allegations

Imbewu actor Khumbulani Kay Sibiya finally breaks his silence following the rape allegations leveled against him. What is shocking is how Sibiya has proceeded to post both Lady Zamar and Lerato Molio on his Instagram story.

While social media is still abuzz following the damning allegations leveled against Imbewu actor Kay Sibiya. This comes after former radio personality Zukiswa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vutela took to social media to slammed Sibiya for allegedly drugging and raping her back in 2014.

Shockingly, without confirming nor denying the accusations he is being slammed with. Instead, Sibiya has taken to social media and posted singer Lady Zamar and socialite Lerato Moloi.

Kay Sibiya

Sibiya’s cryptic response to the rape allegations by using Lady Zamar and Lerato Moloi is very calculated, considering both these ladies pasts. Although Sibiya’s response to the allegations was not in so many words but posting Lady Zamar and Lerato Moloi suggests he is allegedly being lied about.

In 2020, Mzansi learned about Lady Zamar’s rape allegations against singer, Sjava. Both Lady Zamar and Sjava were dating and back in 2017 Lady Zamar mentioned that while out in Limpopo after a concert she was allegedly raped by her boyfriend, Sjava.

A case of rape and sexual assault was opened and later on the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. Since the charges against Sjava were dropped, scores of Sjava’s fans collectively joined hands to torment, slam, abuse, and chastise Lady Zamar.

Almost three years later, Lady Zamar continues to be subjected to trolling and malicious torment especially on social media, as scores of people accused her of lying on Sjava.

Former sports presenter and model Lerato Moloi also accused comedian TallA$$Mo for alleged sexual assault. Back in 2014 during a celebrity MasterChef season, Lerato Moloi accused TallA$$Mo for s.e.xual misconduct. Mzansi only heard about the accusation back in 2020 and TallA$$Mo was acquitted by the court in August 2022.

Kay Sibiya

Following TallA$$Mo’s appearance on the controversial Podcast and Chill With MacG, Lerato Moloi was subsequently subjected to being labeled a liar for perpetuating ‘false’ allegations against TallA$$Mo.

Kay Sibiya posting these two ladies screams he is allegedly being lied to by the allegations. However, as Zookey Zarling have slammed the actor on social media. Zookey Zarling still maintains her truth, as a result she had a baby from the alleged rape.

“This is my story and the truth about my Daughter Zia-Mia how I was raped then she was conceived then someone claimed otherwise and my other 2 kids…Telling it myself I’ve been quiet about it for the longest time; How he was sent to kill me first He drugged and raped me, then when I woke up found an expired condom inside of me. So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story – Pastors/Drug lords and some. Today I tell it as rough it is about Khumbulani Kay Sibiya” wrote Zookey Zarling


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