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DJ Zinhle called out for remembering AKA

Social media users are once again sharing their opinions on DJ Zinhle mourning slain musician Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, who is the father of her first daughter, Kairo.

After the Last Time rapper was gunned down in Durban on 10 February, the Umlilo hitmaker was criticized for mourning him. Zihle attended the memorial service a week later and was at the funeral on 18 February. She has also been paying tribute to AKA and has asked fans to continue praying for their daughter.

AKA and DJ Zinhle

However, some tweeps feel the businesswoman’s decision to mourn is inappropriate as she is a married woman. The mom-of-two is married to former Black Motion member Morda (formerly Murdah Bongz) and together they have one daughter whose name is Asante.

On Tuesday, 28 February, Zinhle took to her Instagram stories to share that her accessories brand Era by DJ Zinhle turned 11 years old; adding that it also marks 11 years of knowing AKA.


dj zinhle mourns AKA

While Zinhle’s fans have expressed they understand that she is showing support to Kairo, others feel she is doing a little too much.

“Is she still mourning or that’s part of co-parenting🤔 I need myself an understanding husband like Bongz,” @tumi_kennatumi asked.

“Zinhle is not the first person to lose an ex that they had a child with. However, I’ve never seen a married person mourn an ex in this manner. ‘We mourn differently’ seem to only apply when folks are doing weird and messy things on social media chasing clout,” said @chrisexcel102_.

DJ Zinhle and AKA

“Dj Zinhle is definitely disrespecting Bongz as her husband, also Nadia as well …. This is not about Kairo anymore … AKA choose [sic] other Women over her while he was still alive.. she must rest now . Shuu!!! Madness,” @african_lucas wrote.

@mthoko_nhlapho said: “Dj Zinhle is slowly turning Murda Bongz to Will Smith.” This comment is based on a social media narrative that although Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are married, her late close friend and rapper, Tupac, was the love of my life.


In other news – Slik Talk fires shots at late AKA – Video

Controversial YouTuber, Slik Talk gave a review of the Mass Country album on the latest episode of his YouTube show. The controversial presenter says AKA’s album didn’t produce any hits; he graded project 2 over 10.

Slik Talk attacks AKA

However, he labeled the songs Company and Crown cool but not a hit. “I’m going to give it a solid 2 out of 10. I absolutely hate everything about this album. It’s absolutely one of the worst albums, I’ve heard in my life. Sonically, it doesn’t even sound good. Learn More

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