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Shadaya advice men to stay away from broke girls

Socialite Shadaya has advised men to stay away from broke girls. Shadaya has been trending on Twitter after mocking American musician Rihanna and ASAP Rocky relationship, took to social media to mock broke girls.

Shadhaya has this to say :

A broke lady has no business being in a relationship. Stop dating these adult babies. If a woman feels no shame asking for basic stuff like airtime, toiletries, hairdos, food, and clothes from any man other than her father, she doesn’t qualify to be in a relationship.

Ask yourself, so if she isn’t in a relationship, how does she get these basics. A chick who is so wretched to the level that she can’t even afford ordinary transport fare to visit or link up with you. That’s no girlfriend, that’s a leech, it’ll suck you dry.

Avoid such chicks, who are looking for a father figure to meet their basic daily needs. You can’t be doing fatherly duties before you even have your own child. Broke ch!cks go & hustle, don’t burden another w0man’s son with your poverty. Learn or perish!!!

One of his followers tweeted:

I remember I dated Emily who would ask me to buy her tampons. Apo she was a single mother. Surely how useless can you be to not even afford your own sanitary supplies. When she started asking for hard cash, that’s the day I called it quits.

Advice for young men : you are the prize. Work on yourself continually. Don’t date a leech that brings nothing to the relationship.

Advice to fathers : your daughter is not another man’s responsibility. You do everything, hair, airtime, Valentines, its your responsibility King.

In other news – Jonathan Moyo praises Shadaya

Self-exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has showered controversial social media influencer Tawona Night Shadaya with praise, in the wake of criticism over an emasculation of men tweet.

Shadaya posted a picture of Rnb star Rihanna with her partner A$AP, with the rapper carrying the couple’s child, and argued that it reflects powerful women controlling their men.Learn More

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