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Zuva Habane congratulates Kimberly Richards on her union

Zuva Habane has taken to social media to pass her congratulatory message to Kimberly Richards and Holy Ten on their union.

She said, “As an Urban Aunt here is my unpopular opinion. Congratulations to both of you now the Job starts. To the newly wedded woman: Holy 10 is a people person. He has bars plus his voice is sexy this is a blessing and curses we all know why.

Holy Ten and Kim

Your lifeline also comes from his hustle that is dealing with thirsty people and producing music hence his inflated ego that lands him in trouble from time to time iwewe be his voice of reason, stay grounded.

There will be outside influence ignore it, eyes on the prize. Focus on your independent hustle.

Keep busy, stay in shape, make money. You are beautiful and believe me it contributed but you are no trophy don’t relax keep Queening don’t be comfortable with being only known as ‘Wife of Holy Ten’. Use this as fuel to be a bigger Kim.

Kim and Holy

You are the Prize! BUT protect Holy Ten even if he is wrong then settle your problems behind the curtains (privacy is everything)
To Holy Ten: everyone is waiting for you to fail. Niga you have one Job ! Keep that woman happy because there is another MF round the corner waiting for you to FVck Up!

Keep Winning.

In other news – Poptain and Jah Master announce collaboration

Zim dancehall musicians Poptain and Jah Master have announced their collaboration on a new song titled “Denga”, set for release on Tuesday the 21st of March.

The two popular artists are teaming up to create what is sure to be an incredible and highly-anticipated track, blending their unique sounds and styles to create a fusion of dancehall and reggae influences. Fans can expect to hear catchy beats, infectious hooks, and lyrics that capture the energy and excitement of Zimbabwean music.Learn More

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