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DJ Levelz and girlfriend engaged

Chillspot music producer, DJ Levelz, surprised his girlfriend and fans alike yesterday by proposing to his long-term partner . The artist has managed to keep this relationship out of public eye

Levelz is a well-known figure in Zimbabwe’s music scene. He has produced music for some of the country’s biggest artists and has won several awards for his work. However, this relationship has largely been kept out of the public eye until now.

DJ Levels


The proposal came as a complete shock to everyone including the lady

The proposal has been met with widespread praise and congratulations from fans and fellow musicians alike. Many have expressed their admiration for Levelz’s courage and his willingness to share such a personal moment with his fans. Others have commented on the couple’s obvious love for each other and have wished them all the best for their future together.


Overall, Levelz’s surprise proposal has been a heartwarming moment for Zimbabwe’s music scene and a reminder of the power of love and commitment. As Levelz and his fiancé prepare for their future together, fans and well-wishers alike will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their love story.

Source: H263

In other news – Gold Mafia Episode 4 – Have The King With You

Qatar-based international broadcaster Al Jazeera has released the final episode of the Gold Mafia documentary titled “Have The King With You”. The four-part Gold Mafia documentary series was produced and directed by Al Jazeera Investigative Unit.

Gold Mafia, a four-part series by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit looks at how society’s obsession with gold underwrites a global shadow economy. Investigators obtain the blueprints of money laundering operations that service southern Africa’s economic and political elite. And the investigation leads to the highest offices of the state. Learn More

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