The Legend of Zelda:Fans are already worshipping Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s final trailer confirmed Ganondorf’s long-awaited return, and fans are seriously unglued over it.

Earlier today on April 13 saw Tears of the Kingdom’s final trailer arrive, a story-driven look at the sequel that, among other impressive details, finally confirmed Ganondorf would be the big bad of the sequel. Now, Zelda fans are having a meltdown over Ganondorf’s climactic return, setting the stage for an epic showdown between him and Link.

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Yes, Ganondorf is now fully hydrated and back in humanoid form (well, if you can call him humanoid). You might remember Tears of the Kingdom’s debut trailer showed what many believed was Ganon’s corpse as a mere husk after the events of Breath of the Wild, and now this new trailer appears to confirm that Ganon’s husk has received plenty of hydration.

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Elsewhere on the Tears of the Kingdom-dedicated subreddit, plenty of users are loving Ganon’s grand return. The trailer did pretty much climax with the reveal of Ganondorf’s grinning mug, so it’s clear that Nintendo wanted to use the trailer to feature Ganon as the big reveal of the entire showcase.

My goat is back
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ob well done, Nintendo. The entire Tears of the Kingdom subreddit is pretty much raving about the final trailer, be it focusing on Ganondorf or another feature like Zelda’s redesigned look. This certainly sets the stage for an epic battle next month, when Tears of the Kingdom finally launches after many years of waiting on May 12.

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