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Jonathan Moyo lampoons Former Zambian foreign minister over Gold Mafia saga

Former Zambian foreign minister [@HarryKalaba] should keep to himself his criminal advice – in support of KarryKalabathe disgraced Ambassador Plenipotentiary Uebert Angel exposed by Al Jazeera’s #Gold Mafia documentary – that its ok for diplomats to use the cover of their diplomatic status to facilitate illicit enterprises of criminals to benefit themselves or their political bosses under the dubious veil of going beyond the call of duty for one’s country.

There is no call of national duty which requires a diplomat to go out of his or her way behind the scenes to work with self-declared criminals who seek to launder dirty money without being detected.

It was criminal – and not a heroic act beyond the call of duty – for Uebert Angel to promise and assure the undercover Al Jazeera reporters who posed as criminals and who openly declared themselves to him as such upfront, that he would use [in fact abuse] his diplomatic status, diplomatic passport diplomatic bag and proximity to
and the First Family to assist the self-declared criminals by bringing their USD1,2 billion in dirty money which was said to be in Hong Kong into the country and take it to his house, “without Zimbabwe knowing about it”.

If the former Zambian foreign minister wants to confess that he used to dabble in money laundering with criminals under diplomatic cover for personal gain, or to benefit his political boss then, he should come and clean and say so; without using the shameful cover of the irredeemably disgraced Uebert Angel!

Source: bulawayo24

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