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Nelson Chamisa tells Emmerson Mnangagwa to face the nation

The leader of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa has told his opponent President Emmerson Mnangagwa to face the nation and explain allegations of gold smuggling levelled against him and his inner circle. The allegations are contained in a recent investigation carried out and published in a documentary by an international television station AL Jazeera.

Speaking in a wide ranging interview with Blessed Mhlanga of HStv yesterday (Thursday), Chamisa said Mnangagwa has a constitutional obligation to explain to the nation because as the President he is entrusted and presides over all national resources and the Reserve Bank.

“He should give answers on why our borders are porous, on why our airports are porous and why the corrupt deals. The whole world knows where Zimbabwe‘s problem is; it is with the leadership and the bad governance,” said Chamisa.

He dismissed public sentiments that he is quiet and aloof as the country is gripped by its biggest scandal in history.
“I am not Emmerson, I am Nelson. It is Mnangagwa who is presiding over this country and must give answers to the nation,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said this country could be paying its civil servants well including teachers, the Police, the Army and war veterans had it not been milked by the gold mafia. He said that for every dollar that the country gets in revenue there is an element of corruption that eats into it.

He said that Zimbabwe is losing US$1,8 billion through smuggled minerals every year with US$1,2 billion attributed to gold alone. He said that the economy is afflicted by a mafia in every sector.

“There is a mafia in every sector. You have a chrome mafia, platinum mafia, energy mafia, petrol mafia, diesel mafia.”

Source: bulawayo24

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