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Opposition parties in Zimbabwe following dark path set by Zanu PF

Every dictator has a justification for his decision to be a tyrant. Authoritarian rulers have always given what appeared sound reasons as to why they should govern with an iron-fist, and any who challenged them treated as treasonous and an ‘enemy of the state’.

We can even go as far back as the very first governments on this planet, led by monarchs.

These were people who never hesitated in shouting, “Off with his head” – since, any who may question their leadership, or even those whom these kings and queens did not particularly like, were perceived as worthy of death.

They legitimized this horrendous brutality under the guise of their rulership being anointed by the gods – and as such, opposing a king or queen was akin to defying whichever deity they worshiped.

Source: bulawayo24

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