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Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian responds to Shadaya’s tweet

American tennis legend Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has responded to Shadaya Tawona Knight for mocking his physique. Shadaya, who has now made it a habit to drag American celebrity A-listers, decided to take a jibe at Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s marriage as he body-shamed them.

Taking to Twitter Shadaya posted a picture of Serena and her husband and wrote “ You can already tell who is the man in this relationship…..men work on your physique…your woman should never be more physically imposing than you”

Serena and her husband
Alexis did not take Shadaya’s tweet lightly and responded by posting Shadaya’s profile pic and wrote “I wish you all the best, but this incel talk ain’t it”.

His tweet drew fierce criticism as tweeps slammed him for body-shaming the beautiful couple. Tweeps took a dig at him for trolling celebs unprovoked for clout.


This is the second time Shadaya has shamed American celebrities, first it was Rihanna and her husband ASAP Rocky.

In other news – Shadaya advice men to stay away from broke girls

Socialite Shadaya has advised men to stay away from broke girls. Shadaya has been trending on Twitter after mocking American musician Rihanna and ASAP Rocky relationship, took to social media to mock broke girls.

Shadhaya has this to say :

A broke lady has no business being in a relationship. Stop dating these adult babies. If a woman feels no shame asking for basic stuff like airtime, toiletries, hairdos, food, and clothes from any man other than her father, she doesn’t qualify to be in a relationship.Learn More

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