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Sir Wicknell blasted for spending thousands on mother’s tombstone but couldn’t support her when she was alive

Wicknell Chivhayo’s sister has blasted him for erecting a flashy tombstone for their mother when he disrespected her while she was still alive.

Wicknell’s mother, Canisia Chivayo, died in January 2021. Her cause of death was not revealed.

Recently, the controversial businessman erected and unveiled a beautiful and imposing tombstone to honour his mother’s memory.

The tombstone has three layers of granite suspended slightly above Canisia’s grave and knee-long stoeps on the sides. The grave has four pillars holding a massive granite above, providing a shade to Canisia’s resting place.

However, Wicknell Chivhayo’s sister Madeline was incensed by her brother’s flagrant show of extravagance. She scolded him on her Instagram Stories for wanting to show her love when she was dead and not when she was alive.

She ranted:

“Disrespected tf outta my nigga when she was still alive now moda kuvaka ma upstairs kumakuva. Please spare me the BS!!! Tombstones don’t mean nothing to me… Nyangwe mukatenga tombstone re gold. Give me my flowers when I’m still alive kwete kuda kuonekwa onekwa kumakuva.”

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