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Stranded motorist stabbed by Avenues thigh vendors

In a shocking incident in Harare, a stranded motorist was attacked, robbed, and stabbed by thigh vendors after his car broke down in the Avenues area.

The incident occurred when the man stopped close to where Tanaka Samakande was soliciting clients with a friend. Samakande approached the man, but he rejected her advances.

According to State papers, Samakande accused the man of “window shopping” and demanded money. Three other thigh vendors – Phakamani Sibanda, Phepisani Sibanda, and Marton Mudzimuirema – joined Samakande in attacking the man.

One of them stabbed the man in the forehead with a screwdriver before stealing a cooler box, two work suits, and a jacket from his car. Phakamani and Phepisani ordered the man to give Samakande US$5, and he complied. Mudzimuirema violently grabbed the man’s cellphone, and they all fled from the scene.

The man filed a report at Fife Avenue Police Station, and the thigh vendors were arrested at Gail Court, where they reside. Samakande implicated the other three thigh vendors.

The four appeared in court and were remanded in custody for bail considerations. Zebediah Bofu appeared for the State.

This incident highlights the dangers that motorists can face when they break down in unfamiliar areas. It is important for everyone to be aware of their surroundings and take precautions to stay safe.

As Zebediah Bofu, who appeared for the State, said, “The law should take its course on this matter.” It is important for justice to be served in cases like these to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

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