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Zinwa hikes water duties

National Water Authority (Zinwa) has with effect from April increased tariffs for its treated and raw water to match the rising costs of fuel, electricity, treatment chemicals.

In a statement, Zinwa said it was guided by the need to strike a balance between service provision, that is actually making sure water is available, and its affordability.

“The tariff review is in response to the recent rise in the cost of key water provision inputs such as fuel, electricity, water treatment chemicals and spares as well as the need for Zinwa sustainably deliver service. The new tariffs will therefore align the price of water to the cost of production,” read the statement.

For treated water, Zinwa said the new tariff applies to clients on both the prepaid and post-paid metering system.

:Since water is billed in arrears, clients on the post-paid system should expect the new tariff on their April bills, which will be out in May 2023 while on the prepaid system, the tariffs take immediate effect,” said Zinwa.

Zinwa also appealed to all customers whose accounts were in arrears, to clear their debts as there exists a strong correlation between service delivery and payment for services.For raw water, Industry will now pay $10 244,03 per megalitre while commercial agriculture estates will now pay $13 829,44 per ML. A2 farmers will now pay $10 244,03 per ML. Local authorities will pay $10 244,03per ML. A1 farmers will pay $1 946,36per ML. The mining sector will now pay $2 298.84per ML and Communal farmers will pay $1 536.60 per ML.

For treated water, Zinwa is now charging $862,06 per cubic metre for the 1-10 cubic metre band for domestic use. For the band of 11-20 cubic metres, users will now pay $1 379,30 per cubic metre and fixed charge is now at $2 448. For 21-30cubic metre users will pay $1 494.24 per cubic metre.

For 31-40 cubic metres, users will pay $1 609,18 per cubic metre. For 41 -50 cubic metre users will now pay $1 724,13 per cubic metre and for all consumption over 50 cubic metres, users will now pay $1 781,60 per cubic metre.

The Government will now pay $1 839,07 for a band above 50 cubic metres.

Parastatals will pay $1 839,07 per cubic metre for a band also above 50 cubic metres while schools, churches and institutions will now pay $1 264,36 cubic metre for the 1-25 cubic metre band, $1 379,30 per cubic metre for 26-50 cubic metre band and $1 724,13 per cubic metre for 51-100 cubic metres.

Mines will pay $2 298,84 per cubic metre for treated water while industry will pay $ 2 298,84 per cubic metre.

Source: bulawayo24

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