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BBC bans campaign posters on its buildings

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has banned the pasting of campaign posters on its buildings and other council infrastructure such as signposts saying it compromised cleanliness of the city.

Deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said political parties that violated by-laws which govern the posting of campaign posters in the city would be fined.

“By-laws say when someone wants to put posters in the city, they must approach council and ask for permission to do so, hence politicians should come to us and follow the laws,” Ncube said.

“As council, we will make sure that we hold a stakeholders meeting with all parties concerned before the elections. We will map a way forward that will be suitable for all the parties involved so as to preserve order in our city.”

He added: “Council has always discouraged people from engaging in such practices. It is very unlawful to paste adverts on city buildings. Council sells this space only to registered advertisers, what people are doing in the city is unlawful.”He said offenders faced three months imprisonment or a fine.

Council said campaign posters have in the past defaced city buildings and trees, tampering with their aesthetic value.

Ward 15 councillor Febbie Msipha said political parties should guard against littering the city with their campaign materials.

“One of their roles (parties) is to make sure that there is no littering generated from election campaign materials,” Msipha said.Zimbabwe is set to hold elections between July and August.

Source: bulawayo24

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