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Cholera cases rise to 200

Government has implored local authorities and the public to maintain a clean environment for the country to contain the recent cholera outbreak.

With over 200 confirmed cholera having been recorded so far while there are 734 suspected cases, the government has emphasised the importance of cleanliness to stop the spread of the disease.

“Cholera is a disease that needs people to change their habits in terms of cleanliness if you see the areas that have been hit in Harare we are back to Glenview and Budiriro it’s always the same areas and the cause is the same cleanliness and cleanliness you find that the person who gets cholera is someone who has somehow inadvertently taken faecal material by mouth what it means is that this is basically a disease that needs people to be more careful and make sure that their surroundings are clean. People talk about vaccines and all that but the basic thing is very important it’s cleanliness,” said the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro.

The government also reiterated that it is prepared to contain the outbreak at a time when there have been 671 recoveries out of a cumulative total of 734 suspected cases and 207 confirmed cases.

“We are ready to deal with any eventualities. Zimbabweans are fully known ledged and our public health department is very strong we can deploy personnel and materials to combat the disease easily you know it’s just fluids and the special beds and the special facilities are already there,” added Dr Mangwiro.

Five people have succumbed to Cholera since the outbreak in February this year.

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