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DJ Sbu wants hands off MacG over viral explicit audio

Mzansi star, DJ Sbu has come out to defend Podcast and Chill’s MacG and Sol Phenduka for their recent explicit content. Sbu, in a recent video, said “Hands Off MacG!” while telling people who are offended by this that they consume s.e.xual content in other productions willingly.

In the latest episode, the team had Wandile “Wandi” Ndlovu who is a s.e.x worker. She agreed to perform oral s.e.x on one of the technical team members if he pays her R1 500.


The audio was live and published on their YouTube channel. Many Twitter users complained that MacG took it too far.

Coming to his defense, DJ Sbu said people should not complain because they willingly watch p0rn and other R-rated TV content.

“The podcast is rated 18 and above. If you do know that your daughter or your son might watch podcasts, you do know that it comes with an age restriction.”

Wandi Ndlovu

Sbu adds that people don’t complain when they watch shows such as Bridgerton, s.e.x scenes in The Wife, and Adulting. He even made mention of Khanyi Mbau’s R-rated scene on The Wife.

“You’ve been watching s.e.x scenes, some of y’all even watch p0rn, but you don’t complain. You don’t complain when they show you a lot of n#dity. They warn you right [at the beginning] the same as MacG, he’s warning you.

“I understand that a lot of people can be mad, or concerned about what their children are watching on TV, I’m a parent I understand…But you do know what Podcast and Chill comes with,” said Sbu adding that he is a Chiller.

Sbu warns people that they should not allow their kids to watch the podcast because it comes with a clear age restriction.

This wouldn’t be the first time MacG brought on a s.e.x worker to his show. He also had an OnlyFans content creator Xoli Mfeka.

DJ Sbu is indeed a Chiller as he previously defended MacG from Tweeps.

Penuel The Black Pen once accused MacG of gatekeeping, stating that he wants other podcasts to fail so people can watch their podcast.

“It is MacG’s interest with #PodcastAndChill to make sure that no other podcast makes it. So that everyone is forced to watch #podcastandchillwithmacg,” said Penuel.

DJ Sbu hit back and said, “I don’t agree, I don’t share the same views. We love each other with Penuel, I love my brother MacG as much as I love NOTA…I don’t think DJ Maphorisa has been gatekeeping Amapiano, I didn’t agree with MacG on those remarks the same way I don’t agree with Penuel in saying MacG is gatekeeping SA podcasts.”


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Chief Azwindini

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