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Finance Minister out of touch with reality

The Finance Minister Muthuli Ncube has forgetten what he was really appointed for and needs somemone to spell out his duties.

The Finance Minister is now behaving more like a politician than a technocrat.

All along people thought that Ncube was going to breath fresh air into the Zimbabwean ailing economy but unfortunately the man has now become a full blown Zanu PF politician and has dismally failed to reform the institution and to exhibit his knowledge in economics.

This is the problem when people start bootlicking and towing along the Zanu PF hegemony reasoning will start running away from them.

Mthuli Ncube is now a certified political mancho man where he is spending much of his time campaigning and focusing to grab a parliamentary seat than solving the economic challenges facing the nation.

The country is reeling from an economic collapse and this kind of behaviour from a finance minister of forcing shops to sell in local currency without addressing and deliberately ignoring the economic fundamentals affecting the country will not solve anything.

Ncube entered a shop and took down a sign reading $USD only. This kind of political grandstanding and posture is barbaric and tantamount to thuggish behaviour. Where is this Minister getting all these powers powers to enforce price changes?

Ncube must be man enough to ask why businesses are dumping the local currency which has been useless for time immemorial.All fuel players in the country are charging exclusively in $USD but they have never been subjected to this kind of tomfoolery.

The market is very stubborn and it will not respond to Mthuli Ncube’s hallucinations.

We are slowly going back to price controls. The so called second republic is nothing but just a charade a replica of Mugabe’s regime. The rate at which the country is being pushed and moving back to default settings is so astounding.

This Finance Minister is failing to come out with a clear cut economic plan for the country to move forward and has resorted to hit and run type of economic programmes marshalled by command tactics borrowed from the Shake Shake Building adjacent to Rainbow Towers.

This command economics will not work at all. The era of price control is now back with a bang and the country will be plunged deep into serious black market. Mthuli has no clue to the underlying problems which the business is facing. He has now become a law unto himself pulling down posters in a supermarket is not solving a problem but would be actually exacerbating it.

Why is the government charging 0$USD for one to aqcuire a passport and also tollgates are payable in foreign currency. Seriously, every transaction within the Zimbabwe Borders should also be in ZWL/ local currency. Transacting in any foreign currency should also be prohibited and criminalised.

The Finance Minister is now behaving in an ungentlemanly manner. It’s a pity that Mthuli and his bosses are not in sync with modern economics dynamics. They are using army and guerrilla tactics which are oudated and have destroyed the economy completely. Zimbabweans must brace for massive shortages. There are likely to be no more products on the shelf with this kind of behaviour.

His monetary policy has failed and the best gift he can give to Zimbabweans is to retire and call it a day.

Source: bulawayo24

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