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Mnangagwa is worse than his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe says CCC

The main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has said that “Zimbabwe is a full-blown dictatorship and outpost of tyranny” while describing the current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa as “worse” than his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe.

The CCC is worried about what it calls persecution by prosecution of opposition members, government critics, artists, journalists and civic society voices.This comes after one of its prominent members, Job Sikhala was convicted yesterday of obstructing the course of justice.

The Zengeza West legislator was given a wholly suspended 6 month sentence by magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa who went on to fine him US$600 or 6 months in jail.

His conviction came a few days after Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume was jailed three years after being found guilty of inciting public violence by inviting people to a demonstration against government corruption.
CCC has accused the Zanu-PF leader of being worse than Mugabe who was removed from power in November 2017 by a military coup.

“The ongoing persecution by prosecution of opposition members, government critics, artists, journalists and civic society voices puts it beyond doubt that Zimbabwe is a full-blown dictatorship and outpost of tyranny.

“The rule of law has broken down and the malicious conviction of our members, most recently Hon Job Sikhala, demonstrates that it is not yet uhuru in Zimbabwe. Mr Robert Mugabe was bad but Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is worse,” CCC said in a statement.

“Mr Mnangagwa has perfected the art of repression.

“In this light, we condemn the weaponization of the law against government critics, especially members of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change. We call for an end to the abuse of our courts and legal system by Zanu PF.

“We reiterate our clarion call to the citizens to put an end to these repeated violations of the Constitution and the selective application of the law. Our halls of justice must not be tainted by the poison of partisan politics.

“We are aware of Zanu PF’s intention to provoke us to bring about circumstances which place the nation under siege and provide justification to avoid an election.”

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom (UK) has urged the judiciary not to interfere with citizens’ rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

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