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Mnangagwa meets prospective investors in London

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has met with prospective investors in London where he is attending the coronation of King Charles III set for this Saturday.

Potential investors who spoke after the closed-door meeting expressed their eagerness to explore the business opportunities in Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa who arrived in London this Friday morning, held several meetings as he awaits the Coronation of King Charles III set for Saturday.

Among the people he met behind closed doors was former British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair.

The President also met with business people in London. These included some Zimbabwean-born business people now resident in the United Kingdom.

Speaking after the meeting, Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube said President Mnangagwa and his team explained to the investors the opportunities available in Zimbabwe.“His excellency was able to lead us into a discussion with investors here in the UK, the investors come from several sectors, mining, agro-processing and financial services. His Excellency was able to let it be known that indeed, Zimbabwe is open for business from wherever they come and that investors from the UK are indeed welcome to Zimbabwe,” he said.

For the prospective investors, the engagement and re-engagement by the Second Republic is indicative of the willingness of the government to Foster economic ties with other countries.

“I grew up in Zimbabwe and what I heard today was very positive. Our role should be to demonstrate that Zimbabwe is an investable country. For us, financial inclusion is a big component. We believe that Zimbabwe has the opportunity to become a leader in food security,” said a businessman based in the UK.President Mnangagwa is also expected to meet Zimbabwean residents in the United Kingdom after the coronation ceremony.

The invite for President Mnangagwa to attend the coronation of King Charles III this Saturday has been hailed as key in the mending of relations between Harare and London.

Source: zbcnews

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