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Nine people including three children injured in Hollywood beach shooting

Nine people have been injured in a shooting on a boardwalk by Hollywood Beach, Florida. Several of the victims were taken to a nearby children’s hospital.

However, authorities have not yet released the ages of the victims who included six adults and three children. A preliminary investigation has found that an altercation between two groups resulted in shots being fired.

One person has been arrested and another suspect is still being sought. The shooting happened at about 6.30 pm on Memorial Day.

One witness, Alvie Carlton Scott III, told Reuters news agency he was on the beach when he heard numerous gunshots go off.

He said he hid behind a tree and then fled the area after a police officer told people to run. Police said there would be a heavy presence of officers in the area as the investigation continues.

Hollywood mayor Josh Levy said in a statement: “Thank you to the good Samaritans, paramedics, police, and emergency room doctors and nurses for their immediate response to aid the victims of today’s shooting.”

One person has been arrested and police have said they are looking for one more suspect. Police said there would be a heavy presence of officers as the investigation continues.

In other news – Trump Promises to Violate 14th Amendment ‘On Day One’

Donald Trump said at multiple points during his presidency that he wished to usurp the 14th Amendment and end birthright citizenship. As the former president looks to retake office in 2024, he has now made it an official campaign promise to bar the children of undocumented immigrants from receiving citizenship at birth.

“As part of my plan to secure the border on Day 1, I will sign an executive order making clear to federal agencies that under the correct interpretation of the law, going forward the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic U.S. citizenship,” Trump said in a campaign video on Tuesday.Learn More

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