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Verify Engineering Company supplying oxygen and nitrogen gas in Mozambique

Zimbabwean companies continue to make a mark on the international stage, with the latest being Verify Engineering Company, which is the process of supplying oxygen and nitrogen gas to major referral hospitals in Mozambique.

The company made the breakthrough in the Mozambican market last year when it was awarded a contract to install and supply nitrogen, and more contracts have since been signed.

“I am very excited to announce that we have secured a contract with more distributors who are now taking gas from us. We are also excited that most companies in the northern parts of Mozambique are using our products,” noted Verify Engineering Company chief executive officer, Engineer Pedzisayi Tapfumaneyi.

“We are also at the final stage of penetrating into the Zambian market and we have since submitted our papers and they have shown interest,” he added.

Locally, the company continues to transform the health sector after the installation of a five thousand kilogramme nitrogen gas tank at Chipinge District Hospital, a development which excited the government.

“We have just finished installing tanks at Chipinge District Hospital and all the 33 beds at the hospital are connected to the nitrogen gas tanks. After the government saw that we have the capacity, the Ministry of Health and Child Care gave us contract to install our tanks into more than 15 hospitals,” he went on.

“So the work had already started and we expect to finish by June. We are also anticipating to complete the whole work in the more than 15 hospitals by the end of this year.”

The company’s big plant in Mutare has a production capacity of 50 tonnes of medical oxygen per day, and Zimbabwe requires 150 tonnes per month.

Source: zbcnews

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