Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Looks Part III

Tiffany & Co. invited me to the Beyonce Renaissance concert on Saturday in London, and I was blown away, by not only Beyonce’s vocals, and the outfit changes (my favourite part), but also the high level production, and the guest appearance from Blu Ivy, whose confidence has grown on stage since the first time I saw her performance via Twitter a few weeks ago.

What I noticed from being at the concert is that the first look always changes. The first segment of the show is where the melodic, ballad-style songs are performed, which is where Beyonce will wear a gown.

The next new gown was presented in Sunderland, England, where the singer wore a blue custom Brandon Blackwood gown styled with custom Tiffany Hardwear multilayer choker and hardwear link earrings.

This might just be my favourite look so far.It’s the colour, the sultry nature of it all, and the way the metallic accents on the stage illuminated the sheen on her gown.

Considering Brandon Blackwood is known for his contemporary designer bags and accessories, he absolutely nailed this gown.

Some might say it was fit for an aquatic Disney princess.For her performance in Cardiff, the singer wore a custom Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit completely beaded with an animalier bee texture design in black, yellow, and gold Swarovski crystals with patent leather details.

This look is rotated with the Mugler by Casey Cadwallader bee look she opened the tour with.

Beaded gloves from the Loewe outfit, Dolce & Gabbana patent leather boots, and custom sunglasses with iridescent red lenses complete her nod to the Beyhive.In Paris, Beyonce’s next new addition was a custom Paco Rabanne silver dress designed by Julien Dossena using the label’s signature chainmail technique.

The assemblage dress was made with round mirror-effect plates which elegantly fluttered with each movement.

I would’ve fallen out of my chair had she saved this for London.

In London Beyonce wore her second custom Alexander McQueen look of this tour, donning a slashed dress embroidered with red bugle beads which was inspired by the Fall 2023 collection.

What you don’t see from these pictures, is just how much these looks dazzle on stage.

Red has always been a great colour for Beyonce, I would love her to wear it more often.

Source: redcarpet

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