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Pictures: Shauwn Mkhize flaunts her dream jet

As always with her inspirational posts, South African reality TV star, actress, and businesswoman MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize has this time taken it to extreme heights with her dreams, showing off what she could buy in the future if all things go well, and it nothing other than, a jet which has left many inspired.

MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize

The luxurious-looking blue jet is richly built and has some Arabic inscriptions on it.

MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize

Shauwn says she is excited about the dream, but friends like Somizi Mhlongo claim the jet might be a reality already.

MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize

Let me allow you to tap into my dreams, who said your dreams can never scare you? Hmmmmmmmmm imagine the feeling, when you make your dream come true after you would have worked so hard over years to change your dreams into reality. If you are excited about it, will it mean you are flaunting ??????. What are your thoughts about this burning topic ………

MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize

The whole post reads as:

I am thrilled to share that the journey of my book has been extremely fulfilling! Despite the weather not being on our side, we adapted by choosing a color that beautifully complements the book’s cover design. 💫🥹🤗😊

I’m grateful to Cape Town for being part of this wonderful experience. Feel free to check out @mamkhize_mwmr for more information! 🙌🏽🫶🏽 Remember, my book “My World My Rules” is now available at @exclusivebooks 🌸📚.

Thank you for supporting me on this exciting journey! It is so true when they say your DREAMS must never scares you 🙏🏾

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Somizi reacted with, “U busy saying Dreams kanti it’s already parked. Ey ngoba abo Shaun bayadlala ngathi.”

MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize


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