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Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori spotted in Italy wearing a nude catsuit

KANYE West’s wife Bianca Censori has been spotted in Italy wearing a nude catsuit alongside the rapper, who stepped out without shoes. The couple has been generating buzz with their fashion choices during their time in Europe. Recent photos showed Bianca, 28, and her “husband” Kanye, 46, out and about in Italy. The couple secretly married in January. The Australian architect was wearing a completely sheer catsuit in a nude color.

Her breasts were visible through the outfit, which hugged her curves. On the bottom, she wore sheer tights in the same nude color and a pair of white high heels.

Her short dark-colored hair was uncovered as she stepped out with the Chicago native by her side. She has received complaints from local citizens about her outfit choices, with many claiming they’re “indecent.”

In spite of this, Bianca walked around confidently as she made her way through the streets of southern Italy.
At some points, she appeared to cover her breasts with her hands.

Kanye, for his part, had on an all-black ensemble that included a baggy long-sleeve T-shirt and loose-fitting pants. He clutched a champagne bottle in his hand as he walked.

The Grammy-winner decided to ditch shoes for the outing and was seen in the photos barefoot.
Bianca has been facing serious criticism for her outfit choices during her Italian vacation.

Bianca Censori

She has repeatedly been spotted in sheer outfits, exposing her breasts and appearing to be nude as she walked around. Kanye, meanwhile, has been covering up entirely, wearing all black and often concealing his face with coverings.

Italian critics have accused Bianca of “dressing indecently” while visiting the country. One wrote on a fan account: “Exhibitionism and nothing else for me, I don’t see anything genuine. Another commented: “What a shame what bad taste.”

A third wrote: “A sense of decorum and dignity has been lost…beauty is being dressed not dressing indecently.” Some haters have even called for Bianca to be fined for public indecency over her revealing looks.

Several people have pointed out that Italy is much more conservative than the United States, imploring authorities to fine Bianca over her outfits. Some have argued that Bianca’s outfits should be considered “public indecency.”

In Italy, acts “contrary to public decency,” like indecent dress, carry with them large fines of $5,000-$10,000, with some going as high as $10,848.

One online critic wrote: “It’s surprising she hasn’t been arrested. Italy is much more conservative, in this case rightly so! A second commented: “I hope Italy kicks them both out of the country. They don’t need this pair polluting it.”

A third wrote: “Completely disrespectful to a conservative catholic culture the Italians should have kicked them out. Despite the drama surrounding their looks, Bianca and Kanye appear to be enjoying their time in Italy.

On August 19, photos surfaced of them basking in a night out, during which Bianca wore another play on her usual tiny sheer outfits. She was seen grinding on Kanye during the outing as she nearly spilled out of her shirt.

An unknown person shared footage from the night out on Instagram. The video showed Kanye and Bianca putting their plates aside to dance to the Black Eyed Peas song I Got a Feeling.

Bianca twerked on Kanye as she struggled to keep her ample breasts inside her sheer spandex outfit. Each time she turned or rotated even slightly, the wide open sleeves of the one piece she was wearing would offer new glimpses at her cleavage. Kanye, for his part, was dressed in black and raised a glass with other guests during the evening.

Source: the-sun

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