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Beyoncé brings out special guest at Renaissance’s Houston show

Beyoncé‘s Renaissance tour is offering one-after-one major surprises. In the latest, the Bey Hives were left in ecstasy when Megan Thee Stallion joined the pop icon onstage. In the music sensation’s hometown show in Houston on Saturday, the 28-year-old appeared as a special guest. Being the cherry on the top, the duo performed their hit collaboration Savage (Remix). Performing with Megan, the Grammy winner swooned over her, “I love you, Queen.”

Complimenting her sweet gesture, the Body rapstar said, “I love you, Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Stallion previously serenaded at the Break My Soul crooner’s tour as a fan, but at this time, she performed with her the hit live after almost three years.

Registering her global heft, Beyoncé previously received praise from controversial rapper Cardi B for keeping mum about burning issues.

“Surprisingly, I have held myself back a lot — from a lot of things. You see how Beyoncé addresses her things? She does not address them at all,” the WAP rapstar continued. “If addressing things, to Beyoncé, affects her mental health, then don’t do it.

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In other news – Fans react to Vuyo Dabula joining Uzalo

Famous South African actor Vuyo Dabula, who has starred in TV shows like Generations: The Legacy and Entangled, will portray the role of Bentley Majozi in Uzalo.

Vuyo Dabula

Dabula tells the publication that he nearly died after being involved in an incident, and he was forced to take a break. Read more

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