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Daniel Craig was initially considered Unfit for the role of James Bond

Daniel Craig, famously known for playing the iconic role of James Bond 007 in five of the franchise’s movies, was at first thought to be unfit for the movie due to his looks. Martin Campbell, who directed the 1995 Bond film, GoldenEye, reveals that Craig’s name was being suggested to replace the previous Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, after the latter’s exit from the franchise.

The director appeared in an interview with Express UK and detailed how the iconic Bond actor, Daniel Craig, was cast for the role. He said, “Daniel was not as handsome as other Bond actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, and Sean Connery who appeared to be traditional-looking Bonds; all very handsome guys.

Martin continued, “Though Daniel was a real good actor and obviously tougher and rugged guy, he was not a traditionally handsome guy.”

The director explained among the eight actors being considered for the role, Henry Cavill was one of the strongest contenders, but he seemed a bit young at that time.

Ultimately, Daniel was selected for the role, but the director revealed that the immediate response from the media was that Daniel did not fit the role of a Bond actor.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2021, Martin expressed that the initial response from the media might be a factor in spurring the actor to do his damnedest to prove everybody wrong. Daniel appeared in five Bond movies before saying goodbye to the franchise in 2021. The last Bond movie he starred in was No Time To Die.

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In other news – Russell Brand spilled beans on kissing Meghan Markle in 2018 

Russell Brand once spoke about ‘snogging’ Meghan Markle in one of his movies. The comedian spoke about Meghan days ahead of her wedding in 2018. Speaking about their movie ‘Get Him to the Greek, Brand iterated his on-screen romance with the Duchess of Sussex.

Russell Brand

He told ITV’s Loose Women: “She was in a film that I was in, Get Him to the Greek, it was a good film. Meghan Markle didn’t know at the time because she wasn’t married to a Royal person. Read more

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