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Over 22 thousand motorists arrested in Police road operation

A total of 22 633 motorists have been arrested for violating road traffic rules as police continue with their ongoing blitz dubbed “Tame the Traffic Jungle”.

Last week, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) announced that they were initiating a nationwide operation, with effect from September 12, in an attempt to rein in errant road users –particularly unregistered and unlicensed public transport operators.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), ZRP said an additional 913 vehicles had been impounded for moving on the roads with no registration plates.

“The ZRP reports that a total of 22 633 arrests have been effected during the ongoing operation, “Tame the Traffic Jungle”. 597 arrests have been made on vehicles without route permits while 9 021 arrests have been made on illegal pirate taxis (mushikashika). 271 motorists have been arrested for reckless driving, while 1 464 people have been arrested for touting,” said the police.

The operation comes at a time when the country’s roads are experiencing a high number of fatal accidents mainly attributed to human error.

In an unrelated case, ZRP has also released names of victims who drowned when a dinky boat capsized near Tsetse Island, Lake Kariba.

Four people died in the incident that occurred on September 16 at around 1230 hours.

“Sergeant Tatenda Nekati (36) of Zimbabwe National Army, Corporal Nxobile Ncube of Zimbabwe National Army, Trust Phiri (24) of Chilimba Village Negande, Kariba and Adson Mupiringano (40) of Batonga, Kariba,” ZRP said in a statement.

Nyathi also highlighted that the bodies of the victims, positively identified by their next of kin, were retrieved from September 17 to 18 and were taken to Kariba District mortuary for post-mortem.

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