ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni’s Girlfriends exposed

ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni exposed. ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni has been implicated in yet another scandal after a video leaked by his wife with all the women he has slept with. It is alleged that Campion used President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter to get into power during the last elections.

Mugweni who was in a relationship with Chido Mnangagwa duped her at the eleventh hour and married another woman after winning the Mazowe North seat.

Campion Mugweni

Insiders said they respected him during the last elections because he showed interest in becoming the First family-in-law.

In a move to remain in power, Mugweni was splashing money out to the informal traders like vendors, touts and s.ex workers in his constituency. After seeing the list made by his wife claiming some even got pregnant for the ZANU-PF MP, some would wonder now, if these ladies named here were part of the thigh vendors that benefited from Mugweni money.

In the video, these were the names provided, Dirty Panashe Karen, Busi, Anabela, Prwty bull,Smadue, Rachel rachey, and Bebe, according to the wife these are all the girls sleeping with her husband.

Campion Mugweni

ZANU-PF MP Campion who was once involved in forex scam and implicated RBZ officials, he disclosed that he was allegedly working with some officials at Treasury to engage in illegal foreign currency deals.

Campion Mugweni

Mugweni has been at the eye of a storm in his constituency with top Zanu PF officials chastising him for going missing in the constituency, only to come back for re-election.

He is nicknamed Missing MP because of his absence in the constituency since he was elected.

Mugweni and a team of conspirators alleddgedly used personal identification information without authorization to file fraudulent tax returns in the US. He insisted he was never jailed for fraud in the US.

Watch the exposed girl friends n@ked videos here...

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