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Saintfloew trends on social media after dramatic coffin stage entrance

Saintfloew made a dramatic entrance on the stage carried in a white coffin to launch his latest 14-track album Rise and Lead at Alexandra Sports Club in Harare. The Zim dancehall star fresh from drug addiction therapy at a rehabilitation facility in South Africa on Saturday left many of his fans astonished through his artistic display of slick trickery.

Born Spice Tawanda Junior Mambo, Saintfloew accepted the challenges of his drug addiction and plucked up the courage to check into a rehabilitation facility to fight a scourge which threatened to tear apart his musical career.

Local business mogul Tinashe Mutarisi paid the bill for the singer’s rehabilitation therapy. At the launch, the Chitungwiza-born and bred Saintfloew was in a no-nonsense mood by doing the unusual in front of thousands of his fans who turned up to witness his album launch.

The Silas Mavende hitmaker chose a unique entrance which was not anticipated by many after he had spent almost two months away from the public glare. As fans waited for the man of the night to grace the stage, they were shocked to see “pallbearers” dressed in black garments bringing to the stage a white coffin. The pallbearers strategically lowered the coffin.

Minutes later, Saintfloew, dressed in white outfits and a pair of blue and red sneakers, “rose from the dead”, rising out of the coffin while holding a microphone and bursting into his popular tune, Gundamwenda, amid wild cheers from the crowd. He rose, full of life, to deliver a sterling performance.

Although his artistic expression was met with mixed reactions, with some likening it to satanic symbolism, there are others who have appreciated the creativity. Those who have embraced the unique creativity described it as Saintfloew’s journey to transformation, rising from drug abuse to become a leader in the battle against the scourge.

Saintfloew acknowledged that his album was all about burying his past life of drug abuse as he embarks on a drug-free expedition following the rehabilitation therapy. He said confessing in public that he was abusing drugs and later on checking in at a rehabilitation centre showed how serious he was about fighting drug abuse.

The title Rise and Lead highlights the struggle against rampant drug abuse, which has afflicted more than 50% of the country’s youths.

“It was a very reflective time because I have gone through what I can say a successful therapy against drug abuse in South Africa. During the process, I thought at that point, it is probably time I end this drug abuse,” he reflected a few hours before the album launch.

“I am now ready to work with anyone who is fighting drug abuse. Like Zimbabwe is open for business, Saintfloew is also open to a no-drug campaign.”

Acknowledging that drugs were destroying the lives of many youths, Saintfloew believes a collaborative effort would help to tackle the scourge.

“My album Rise and Lead is an inspiration to many to rise, conquer and lead in anything they do. The album talks about my personal life experiences and the challenges that most youth face,” he noted.

The album launch was sponsored by the Chitungwiza-bred mogul Mutarisi of Nash Paints through his Nash TV’s initiatives tailored towards rendering support to local artistes across genres.

Songs on the album are Rise And Lead produced by Neil T and recorded by Philip “Pip” Kembo, popularly known as Dr Chaii. There is also Prayer, which was produced by Ghost Magician. Dr Chaii also produced Musande, while Jive was produced by Jamal No Limits.

The tracks No Mercy, Toenda Here (featuring Master H) and Nobody (featuring Alvin Tha New Guy) were all produced by Jamal No Limits and Money Cure.

Producer Neil T worked on songs Wero and Bhinya Boss (Outro). The tracks Chidhumo NaMasendeke, Detention (featuring Leefire) and On Grave are all the collaborative works of Jamal No Limits and Gangstamadeit. The song Hutsi is the work of Jamal No Limits, Money Cure and Leekay Di Man, while Stress Free was produced by Jamal No Limits and Leekay Di Man.

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