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DJ Fresh’s son YBF introduces himself as a DJ

DJ Fresh is among the most well-known DJs in South Africa. He has built a name for himself as a disc jockey locally and internationally and now his son is following in his footsteps as he continues the legacy.

Twenty-one-year-old Thato Sikwane Jr, under the stage name YBF (y.ourboyfrxsh), this month dropped the announcement that he would be continuing his father’s legacy. The young DJ explained his relationship with music began around the time he was in Grade 4 and discovered and started to comprehend who his father was and what he did.

“I then became old enough for my dad to start taking me with him to his shows and it was my first event, the U-Party social event, that exposed me to this experience of a crowd, and by watching my dad live out my newly found dream, the desire to be in the music space ignited.”


After a self-taught journey of DJing which included three months of daily practice, he surprised his father, who had always been keen to teach him the trade – his first mix.

“At the time it was not the best, but was good enough for him to smile from ear to ear and shine with glee. Since then, ‘The Legacy Continued ’ has been in motion and thriving with so much support and encouragement from social media since the establishment of YBF.” When it comes to the kind of sounds YBF is spinning on his decks, he explained he has gravitated towards a mature, soulful am piano that is gentle in the ears and soft on the heart.

“With this genre, I make it a daily prayer that I can produce chart-topping hits that will award me accolades and recognition for the impact/change I’ve brought to my era of music just as my dad did with his era of music.”

His father, being who he is in public, did come with moments of invasion of privacy, with crowds of fans begging for photos, even during family time. But it certainly has its advantages like “accumulating crushes throughout school” but YBK admitted it doesn’t make him any more of a snob or any less humble.


“I enjoyed the attention, but knew it was not for my doings which is probably why I’ve just always wanted to achieve things in life without the aid of my father.”

Over the years YBK has met many of his favorite celebrities and icons such as Nelson Mandela and Black Coffee and has been blessed to have (had) exclusive access and experiences to events. “Having DJ Fresh as my father has definitely been a perk on its own and I will forever be grateful God allowed me to be gifted with this life created by him.”

Through his experiences navigating industry circles, YBK has been able to make connections with individuals such as Black Coffee’s son Esona who has also followed in his father’s musical footsteps.

“Esona and I have a very cordial, brother relationship as he is three years older than me and has been my only ‘go-to guy’ whenever we’d be at celebrations together which is why I describe him as a brother.


“Although it has never been a topic of conversation, I can only imagine a world where Sona x YBF go B2B on a tech set! That would be the most iconic thing any father’s children would have accomplished in the industry.”

YBF may still be a freshman in the industry, but with lots of hard work and dedication, he can achieve all he aims to achieve and continue his famous last name’s legacy.

“In the next three years, YBF will have become an international name that’s traveled across the globe exposing the world to his expressions through music on the decks. By 2026, YBF will have made his statement in the industry detailing his intention to carry on the legacy loud and proud.”

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