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Donald Trump’s wife cheated on him with a 90s rockstar, old FBI files reveal

The romantic escapades of Donald Trump have always been a captivating saga, from his high-profile affair with Marla Maples to the alleged liaison with s.e.x worker Stormy Daniels, She Knows reported. The former president’s fidelity to his wives has been questionable, and a fascinating twist emerged from an old FBI file released in 2019.

According to the legal documents, during a brief split between Donald Trump and Marla Maples, a love triangle unfurled involving the former president, Maples, and the romance-ballad crooner Michael Bolton.

Maples, residing at the Trump Parc condo building, reportedly brought Bolton to her room after Trump left for a West Coast trip. Trump, learning of the tryst, candidly discussed the situation with Vanity Fair in 1994, admitting to leaving Maples but expressing discontent when she pursued Bolton.Trump revealed, “I left her. I left her like a dog,” allowing Maples the freedom to explore a relationship with Bolton. However, Trump, being fiercely competitive, disliked the idea of losing.

He asserted, “A guy like me, a competitive guy, it’s like an affirmation that the girl has to be great because the No. 1 singer has fallen for her. Consequently, Trump lured Maples back, leading to their marriage in 1993, and Bolton was left in the dust.

The FBI documents surfaced during a legal case involving Maples’ former publicist, Chuck Jones, who not only pilfered nude photos and shoes from his client but also divulged details about her alleged affair with Donald Trump’s bodyguard, Spencer Wagner, in 1996.

The intricate web of relationships in the Trump saga continues to unfold, with Bolton’s name unexpectedly woven into the narrative.

Source: eNCA

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