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Trevor Noah’s new ad rumoured to have cost R33 million to produce has finally come out

Trevor Noah’s highly anticipated “R33 million” Visit South Africa commercial for Tourism Marketing South Africa (TOMSA) has just gone live.

Thursday 9 November was a busy day for South African comedian, Trevor Noah. He kicked off the day by launching his new podcast on Spotify, titled What Now. The first guest on the new podcast was Hollywood superstar, Dwayne Johnson and the episode has already gone viral. But that’s not the only new release that’s set to get tongues wagging. Noah’s new big-budget advert promoting tourism in South Africa has just gone live and the early impressions are positive!

Trevor Noah

There was already controversy in the media even before we caught a glimpse of the new commercial. In September 2023, it was widely reported that Trevor Noah was about to pocket R33 million for a new advert that would inspire people around the world to visit South Africa. The reports were met with intense debate, as some felt as if the fee was exorbitant. Noah eventually clarified that the reports were inaccurate. Tourism South Africa seemed to hint that the R33 million total was the overall budget for the production, and not his fee (and that it didn’t come from taxpayers’ pockets!).


Fast forward two months and South Africans got to see the ad for the very first time. Anele Mdoda shared it on her X account with a caption reading “Come to South Africa” and the 95-second long instantly got the nation laughing. In the ad, the former Daily Show presenter answers questions about Mzansi from people around the world who want to know if they should visit his home country. He responds in a typically hilarious fashion, watch it below:

Despite the high production value, there were also South African viewers who were left underwhelmed. Many complained that the ad had too much of a bias towards Cape Town with others claiming that as great as it looked, it couldn’t have been worth R33 million! One user wrote, “1 minute and 45 seconds of a whopping R33 Million ad. And all you did was to promote the tourism in Cape Town.” although it’s a sentiment that has been echoed by many. The only verdict that matters right now is yours – did you enjoy Trevor Noah’s new ad?

Source: The south african

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