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Zahara’s Family speaks out about her condition in Hospital

A family member of multi award-winning afro pop musician, Zahara, who is fighting for her life at a private hospital, has come out to say she suspects the singer has been bewitched by close family members, that’s according to a reliable source. According to the source, the family member suspects someone close to Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, poured muthi in her drink.

Zimoja has learnt that Xaba had sent a lobola delegation to the Mkutukana household to ask for Zahara’s hand in marriage. But two days after lobola was paid, she was rushed to the private hospital in northern Jozi, where she was admitted to a medical ward. Two weeks later, she was transferred to the ICU when doctors realised her condition was deteriorating.


The source said, “What is surprising is that when Zahara celebrated her 36th birthday on November 9, she was as strong as an ox. She didn’t show of signs of being sick.” But now the Loliwe hitmaker is in a coma, fighting for her life. But the source said when they think back, they realise that someone might have had a hand in derailing Zahara from being Mrs Xaba.

“The lobola negotiations went well during the visit by the Xaba delegation. The family representing the Mkutukanas was happy that Zahara would finally get married to someone she loves dearly. But someone interfered with the whole process by bewitching her,” the source says.

“A relative must have gotten pissed off when they heard that the Xaba family were coming back to pay the outstanding amount of lobola. We suspect that Zahara was either poisoned or muthi was put into her drink ,” the concerned source says a relative of Zahara told her. According to a source, Xaba is concerned that some people think he wants to marry Zahara because of her money.

But this far the truth. “Remember that Mpho was introduced to Zahara by a mutual friend. He is an engineer who works for his own money. Things could have been worse for Zahara had Xaba not included her as a dependant on his medical aid,” said the source who sympathises with Xaba.


Some people in the Mkutukana family are convinced that Xaba was saving Zahara’s life and career by proposing to marry her. Zahara has been unlucky in love with all her partners. We were happy to see that she finally found someone who treated her like a queen despite her flaws,” said the source. For now Xaba is a regular at the hospital, and so is Zahara’s mother.

A few days ago, Xaba had a tiff with Zahara’s two sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa, after he alleged overheard them discussing issues a life cover against Zahara’s life. The two were also accused of abusing Zahara’s bank cards by going on a shopping spree in downtown Jozi.

Currently, security is tight at the ICU where visitors are scanned as Xaba told hospital management not to allow anyone inside Zahara’s ward if he did not give them a green light. Family spokesperson Oyama Dyosiba refused to comment.

Source: zimoja

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