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Zimbabwean filmmaker and journalist takes own life

Zimbabwean filmmaker and journalist, Violet Avoid who appeared in the Malowe video by Andy Muridzo & Jeetaz Band has died. According to one of the Filmmakers Association’s information from the Philippines, the Filmmaker committed suicide a day just after she celebrated her birthday in the Philippines where she was shooting some documentaries after a month of stressful events where she complained a few days about Cyberbullying.

Another user wrote:

She cannot see this but all I can say is kunewe arikuverenga…, people are going through a lot Kunze uku, kindly check on your friends & relatives and kana urine zvirikukunetsa open up kuvaripadhuze newe unowana mamwe ma ideas.

Im very shocked nekuzvipfuudza kwa Violet Avoid ..she has been a friend to me for about 3 years ..she was based in China..akauya kuZim a month ago not knowing arikuronga zvekuzviuraya…chandirwadza ndechekuti nhasi andisendera ma msg ayo ndazozama kumufonera phone yake isisaite..im only seeing it now kuti she commited suicide..im opening her status now only to realize kt panezvanga zvichiitika kwaari.
I cannot believe this hopefully it’s not true

Two months ago she once wrote on her timeline:

Some of you guys are coming to my inbox vachibvunza nhai Violet Avoid hausi kubatika nei. You come on social media once in a while then you disappear, it’s been almost a year uchidaro. WHAT’S GOING ON?
I wasn’t ready to talk about it until now nekuti ndaona kuti mune hanya neni .

Kubvunza kudero rudo rukuru Saka I’m going to let you know. I will make a video which I will post on my official page nhasi around 10 am Zimtime. Kana ndoita iri live here ? Aiwa Live may interrupt me if I see comments.

If you haven’t followed my official page link iyi if you want to be part of the story. Thank you nerudo. Mazirudo to you too

This time around she had this to say as her last message:


We care for our friends, we feel the need to protect them and sometimes they don’t see it. Instead, they take things for granted not seeing the danger at play that not only affects them but also the one who is fighting to protect them.
If they say they do not care about dying yet they claim that if they die they will not rest then they contradict themselves. Wouldn’t it be logical to sign out before sinking into the inevitable danger? Maybe then they would realize that not everything is worth taking for granted.

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