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Actress Senzeni accused of dating a married man

Naiza Boom actress Senzeni has been accused on the radio of dating a married man. She was exposed on Tete Tilda’s show, Family Matter which airs during her Sunday program from 3-6 am, and lets listeners call in and share their marital problems with the veteran broadcaster. She, and her co-host who is a pastor, then offer help and advice to the couple so they map a way forward.

A woman recently called while in the presence of her husband to complain about his cheating. She said two days earlier, she went to visit an aunt in Glenwood and spent the night there.

While visiting the aunt, her friends who are her neighbors called to share some disturbing news. They alerted her that her husband had smuggled a woman into her house in her absence. The friends told the aggrieved woman that her husband was cheating with Senzeni, who acts on Naiza Boom. As the lady narrated the story, her 10-month-old child was making sounds in the background.

She then gave her husband the phone to speak to Tete Tilda. He denied that he smuggled Senzeni into his marital home. He explained that he saw Senzeni passing by and he called her and they stood by the gate. The husband then added that his neighbours assumed he had spent the night with Senzeni after seeing them at the gate. Irritated, the wife refuted this and said her husband was even late for work because he had spent the night cheating.

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Musician Rockford Josphat pens a piece of advice to fellow artists and new talents in the music industry. The Zviriko hitmaker has shared how pride can destroy one’s music career and advised other musicians to learn from his past mistakes. He posted:

“I don’t think pane akandiroya. Wrong choices urimudiki, patakazvitanga zvaispaka fame yakapinda mumusoro even though uchigona kuimba zvinoshaya basa so ada musicians must learn from my mistakes…. thank God ndakakurumidza kuzviona fast 🙏😇” Read More

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