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Baba Harare announced as Kambucha brand ambassador

Jiti musician Baba Harare has bagged a brand ambassador deal with Kambucha, one of the most popular beverages in the country. He announced the new deal on his Facebook account with the caption, “Tauyawo neKambucha .”

He also shared a picture as he announced the new ambassadorial deal with Fresh Kambucha Zimbabwe. Baba Harare went to the Kambucha offices, where he sat with the company’s leadership to discuss the terms of his contract. When satisfied with the deal, he signed the dotted line to seal the agreement.

Baba Harare

In the picture Baba Harare shared online, he was holding a pen with the contract. He had a bottle of the popular drink in front of him and a branded cap. He also donned a Kambucha t-shirt.

The company announced Seh Calaz as its inaugural brand ambassador in 2023. The two have a flourishing relationship, and in May, the company gave Calaz a crispy Toyota Hilux GD6.

Baba Harare

Social media users have already flooded Baba Harare’s page with congratulatory messages.

In other news – Zimdancehall artist Master H opens up about his drug addiction

Born Hillary Marufu in Chitungwiza, Master H now found himself in Harare, where he acquired an appetite for illicit substances such as mbanje and mutoriro. The omens for the producer-turned-Zimdancehall channel were not good. With very few rehabilitation centers, many young people fail to recover from such addictions in Zimbabwe.

Instead, they fall through the cracks, losing their potential and talent to the country and the world forever. Fast forward to two years later, Master H is on top of the world, with a string of hits, including the Voltz-assisted Dhanzi (Nawanadem) which has shot to the top of the charts in Zimbabwe. Read More

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