Nyoro paMasowe – Couple caught having Lula Lula

Nyoro paMasowe – Couple caught having Lula Lula… uMjolo Uyanisa for real because I know for a fact these 2 are not married and worse still they were caught red-handed doing Lula Lula pamasowe.

Nyoro paMasowe

It might be a few days before the end of the year that has been rocked by a lot of scandals but this couple thought why not spice this year even further with this Mjolo video? Caught by a Madzibaba who was not nice at all if you listen closely… nyoro futi, pfekai maCondom!

Nyoro Pamasowe

We don’t know the names of the two involved in the video at the moment but we are sure we will know them soon enough as their partners will surely have a say after seeing this video… The video is however too hot for this platform but you can watch the video here.

From what we gathered, the couple vanga vakuvara nechikara and drove to the nearest masowe they found and parked the car and started having Lula Lula but were caught and video recorded and leaked!


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South African sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni recently revealed on her Instagram story that she will turn her husband Sabelo Mgube into umkhovu (tokoloshe) should he die first.

The popular sangoma Gogo Maweni, real name Lee Ann Makopo also revealed that she and her husband Sabelo Mgube have a contract that states he will be turned into a tokoloshe if he dies first and that she will be turned into a umkhovhu (tokoloshe) if she dies first. Watch Video

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