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Kanye West could not keep calm after his latest footwear creation

Kanye West could not keep calm after his latest footwear creation, The Yeezy Pod Socks, were mocked online for its distinctive appearance resembling bare feet. The controversial rapper, who now goes by Ye, directed his frustration at designer Brittany Pierone, who have been previously associated with Nike and posted a snap wearing Ye’s new shoes in a large size.

The picture quickly went viral on social media leading to widespread mockery of Kanye’s latest creation, prompting him to launch another social media tirade.

He messaged the designer on her social media account and also shared an image on his account that read, “What the f***k is wrong with you. Don’t play with me like that. What adidas paid you to post that photo. The rapper continued: “I’ve put so much work into every product and when I’m independent this is what you wanna post. You worse than the TMZ lady,” he penned, referring to his recent altercation with a reporter who asked him if his wife, Bianca Censori, has “free will.”

“Get a size one,” he said, offering advice, adding, “Don’t play with me like that. It ain’t funny. I worked for a year on these and put them out myself. Jordan wanted to do his own brand and Nike threatened Footlocker to pull all they shoes out the stores.

“Adidas copied all my s**t and treated me like s**t. adidas is suing me for 4 billion dollars and selling my shoes without paying me and they said I misused the marketing fund when I am the marketing That’s why they sent me the money in the first place. You have no idea how much work. I’ve put in to everything we do.

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