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Sir Wicknell interview – Video

Sir Wicknell The Deal Maker Millionaire from Zimbabwe, Today he is among the wealthiest people in Africa. There is an increase of African millionaires into the global scene, as the continent develops, and economies grow.

Whilst controversy surrounds these rising millionaires from Africa, they have become comfortable enough to embrace it and use it to further their growth in these leagues of distinguished gentlemen.

Sir Wicknell

Today he interviewed with Star FM and he talked about how he is helping the community and his Church members, lately he has been buying cars for Zimbabwe Celebs and blessing with Brand new Cars from the Dealship.

Listen to the Video below as he explains everything that is happening in his life.

In other news – No such thing as black tax – DJ Sbu

Local musician and businessman, Sbusiso Leope known as DJ Sbu has however said that helping out shouldn’t be looked at as a black tax.

DJ Sbu

Here in South Africa, “black tax” is a norm. In most families, the hardworking and successful are stuck with the difficult task of making sure everyone else is taken care of. While looking after your family is wonderful, sometimes the expectations can be crippling. Read more

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