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Jah Signal says copyright dispute resolved amicably after meeting The Charambas

Zimdancehall artiste Nicodimus Mutize, better known as Jah Signal, has met the Gospel music couple, the Charambas, following the much-publicised controversy on music copyrights.

YouTube recently removed a music video by Jah Signal titled “Sweetie” following a complaint made by Pastor Charles Charamba.

Jah Signal

Jah Signal released the song without obtaining consent from Pastor Charamba, who claimed that the song was a remix of his gospel song, “Kana Vanhu Vangu.”

Pastor Charamba alleged that the lyrics in Jah Signal’s song were blasphemous and expressed his dissatisfaction with the unauthorized use of his music.

Jah Signal

However, the two parties have seemingly smoked the peace pipe following a meeting to resolve their differences.

Posting on Facebook on Monday night, Jah Signal’s team said he had acknowledged his mistakes and apologised to the Charambas. Reads the statement:

On behalf of The Swaah family and fans, Jah Signal would like to make and let it be known that following a meeting with The Man of God, Pastor and Amai Charamba The Charambas, an amicable position has been reached that will remain private and confidential to the two parties.

Jah Signal has expressed deep remorse and extends his sincere apologies to The Charambas and their fans for any distress caused by the unintended infringement.

He acknowledges his mistake and is committed to learning from this experience, as well as implementing measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

In light of this settlement, we urge all fans to respect the decision reached. We urge all to refrain from attacking, dissing or any form of abuse, social media or otherwise, directed towards either The Charambas or Jah Signal/Swaah Family.

Let us foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding as we move forward.

We thank everyone for their continued support and understanding during this time. Let us embrace this resolution with positivity and look forward to a bright future of musical harmony and collaboration.

All is well that ends well.

Pastor Charamba confirmed his meeting with Jah Signal on the social media site X. He wrote:

My peace I leave with…Jn 14:27. Tava nokuyanana kwakanaka nemukomana Jah Signal. Blessings to him, his team and you all.

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