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VIDEO: Prophet Makandiwa reveals his love for Jah Prayzah and Leonard Dembo’s music

Renowned cleric Emmanuel Makandiwa, founder and leader of the United Family International Church (UFIC), said that there is no harm for Christians to appreciate secular music.

During a recent address to his congregants, Makandiwa openly shared his admiration for Jah Prayzah’s music and the late Leonard Dembo’s musical legacy.

In a departure from common belief, Makandiwa emphasized that Christians need not limit themselves to Gospel music alone; they are also free to appreciate secular tunes. He said:

It’s not every time that I’m playing gospel music. Sometimes I listen to Dembo’s music in my car. Have you guys really listened to Dembo’s guitar?

… Yes, we all want to go to heaven, but have you really listened to Dembo’s guitar?

Why am I telling you all this? So that you may understand that this is a human experience that needs to be enjoyed.

The question of whether Christians should listen to worldly music or not has been a topic of discussion among believers, and opinions vary.


Leonard Tazvivinga Dembo, also known as Musoro WeNyoka was a Zimbabwean guitar-band musician who left a significant mark on the music scene.

Born Kwangwarai Gwaindepi on 6 February 1959 in Chivi in Masvingo, Dembo’s musical style was sungura-based, characterized by electric guitars tuned to emulate the sounds of the traditional mbira.

The song “Chitekete” remains a timeless classic, celebrating Dembo’s talent and creativity.

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