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Mining activities threaten critical ZESA substation

ZESA Holdings has issued a grave warning regarding mining activities near the Marvel Substation in Bulawayo.

The substation, critical for distributing electricity to the city, the country, and parts of the southern African region, faces the risk of collapse due to these mining operations.

The potential destruction of electrical equipment could have far-reaching consequences.

The Marvel Substation plays a pivotal role in supplying power to essential facilities, serving approximately two million people across Bulawayo, Matabeleland South, and North provinces. Its significance extends beyond the city, impacting a vast population in the region.

Vital infrastructure, including Ncema Water Works (which provides water to Bulawayo), Turk Mine, How Mine, Fernhill Water Works, and the entire City of Bulawayo, depends on the reliable functioning of the Marvel Substation.

CITE reported sources as saying the mining is being conducted by a group with “political connections” who are disregarding ZESA’s warnings about the dangers of mining near the substation. Said a source:

Marvel Substation connects all power stations in Bulawayo and surrounding areas. It is linked to other regions of the country and the whole of South Africa via the Insukamini Substation.

Blasting from the mining activities poses a significant risk to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company’s (ZETDC) operations and substation infrastructure. Added the source:

These mining explosions threaten the infrastructure and could disrupt the electricity supply not only in Bulawayo but also across Zimbabwe and the region.

Those mining at the location have been warned of the potential harm, yet they continue their activities.

ZESA insiders also expressed concern about the risk of electrocution for substation staff if the infrastructure is damaged by voltage interference.

ZETDC’s Engineering Manager, Proud Mundenda, referred inquiries to ZESA Holdings’ Stakeholder Relations Communication and Welfare George Manyaya.

Manyaya then directed CITE’s queries to ZETDC’s acting public relations officer, Alaina Suliwa, who reportedly requested written questions.

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